Feel free to request anything regarding cameras/accessories here!!

Just comment on this page!! ^^
[Any comments that appear on the comment page means we’re working on finding the product! When we do, we’ll contact you via email!]


56 responses to “Requests!

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  2. requesting for bell+howell genie III! (:

  3. requesting for black and white film 35mm and Redscale Negative 35mm film..

  4. requesting for vistaquest vq7024!

    Thank you.

  5. Hi dear! It’ll be great if you could bring in 35 & 120mm films too! Thanks!

  6. request for 110 films!

  7. Mavel Villegas

    may i request for illusion lens? please email me the price …

    thanks a lot

  8. Digital Holga lens for DSLR

  9. hi! would you consider taking order/opening spree for instant films? especially fujifilm FP100C AND FP100B and if possible also from impossible films for PX100 and PX600! thanks in advance!

  10. hi:) requesting for 120CFN..

  11. sry.adding on..and polariods too =)

  12. request for JACK HOLGA and MEG DIANA !! PLS hehe

  13. request for superheadz sakurasan wide slim camera adn 35mm film..

  14. hi there. do u sell any fisheye lens?

  15. Hello cakesprees, do you have the Decade Pink Blackbird TLR?

  16. hey! are u still selling holga 120 fisheye lens and viewfinder? how much will it be? thanks!

  17. 35mm slide films and 400 iso negative films ! Maybe redscale negatives too 🙂

  18. hi do you have the hello kitty diana?
    do let me know!

  19. Request for LC-A+ please!

  20. HI. I’m requesting if I can get a polaroid back for the holga! thanks

  21. hi there’ just an want to ask, the instant back, is it only for diana F+ ?
    do mail me back’ thank u! =]

  22. I hope you can bring in a film camera that has flash and uses 35mm film pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Cause my film gonna expire soon. My jelly camera is spoiled ):

  23. HOlga Polaroid. (:

    Does it work on 120GTLR btw?


  24. Do u sell diana deluxe kit if yes how much?

  25. Hi! i’m interested in getting a diana F+. was wondering if u take orders for it! Do let me know! thanks!

  26. do you still carry the diana mini + flash package?

  27. hi, is your price a singapore dollar or a USD??
    i want a polaroid sx 70. how much is it? thnks

  28. Hey can i request for you guys to bring in the smena symbol?

  29. are all the prices in singapore dollars??

    i want a polaroid sx-70, can u find one for me. how much is it?? thanks
    email me

  30. i want a folding cam. how much is it?

  31. fujifilm instant mini 7s ((:

  32. i want a Superheadz Lego camera. how much would it cost? :/

  33. do u still have YASHICA F521??

  34. Hey can trade new 135bc for your k200nm plus top up? Or can trade for a 120? Please please ><

  35. Hi will you doing diana F+ preorder again??

  36. Hi, do you have Holga 120N black? 🙂

  37. Hello, do you sell Desinoops Disderi Multi lens cameras? If yes, how much does it cost? Thanks!

  38. Hi, if i purchase a holga from you and a separate polaroid back, will you be able to assemble them for me, and sell it as a set? Please reply me at, as I hardly check back 😦 Many thanks!

  39. Hi! Love your site…do you have Ikimono 110 Cameras? I’ve been looking for them for a while…specifically the hedgehog or dog one…thanks!

  40. Hi there, will you guys bring in the instant back for the Diana F+? thanks!!

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