1. Diana Mini Hello Kitty

Brand new! $145

2. Red K200NM

Brand new! $96

3. Wonder Drink – Coffee Camera! (Right most)

The straw is a shutter!


4. Holga 135TIM + 15B Flash

[Camera used for display purposes only, Never used, working condition!]

Selling together for $104. (U.P. $85 & $30)

5. Red-white 120 GCFN

[Camera used for display purposes only, Never used, working condition!]

Camera: $76 (U.P. $82)

6. Vistaquest VQ1015 R2 – Light Blue

BRAND NEW! $92!!

7. Black Holga 135BCTLR with flash

Display Set, but 100% working in best condition! $95!

8. iKimono

Brand new!

Designs Available: Panda and polar bear! $30 each!

9. Holga Black 135BC

Brand new! $70

10. Golden Half – Classic

2nd-hand, with box

Selling for $73. (U.P. $85)

Working condition! Everything as seen in picture above, only used once!!!

2nd-hand, with box

Selling for $73. (U.P. $85)

11. 35mm film: One roll $4.50

110mm film: One roll $9.50

120 film: One roll $7.90, 3 rolls $22 [limited stock!]


160 responses to “INSTOCKS!! :)

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  2. Hi there,

    Is the price of the black 135bc camera negotiable?


  3. Hey
    Is the white holga still available?
    Email me~

  4. Hello,
    interested in th black holga!
    pls mail! πŸ˜€

  5. hey! will you bring in fisheye lens? Those that sticks on to the camera? Mail me? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  6. hi. would like to know more about the waterproof camera. like the specs and all. mail me. thanks. (:

  7. which holga 120gcfn do u have in stock?
    i need 1 urgently.

  8. Hi, are there any other colors for the waterproof camera?
    would like to get a piece from you, do mail me thanks!

  9. Hello. Interested in the waterproof camera. Do mail me (:

  10. Hi, do you hv the specs and mayb sample pictures from lomo hearts camera and iKimono ladybug? Thx πŸ™‚

  11. hi,

    can i know more on the waterproof camera. specs, colours, etc… thanks!

  12. how much will the 35mm film cost, do you sell them?
    do you have picture of the purple coloured one?
    thanks, sorry for the trouble.

  13. Is the pictures able to dl to pc? Thru USB or sth Or can it only be developed? For waterproof camera.

  14. Hello, I’m interested in your instock iKimono Ladybug! πŸ˜€ Mail me please! Cause I have some questions for you too! Thank you πŸ™‚

  15. Hi, do u supply cameras?

  16. Hi

    For this package – Red-white 120 GCFN + 35mm normal adapter, do you have the camera in other colors? What other colors do you have? Is the price still the same? Thanks

  17. Mavel Villegas

    hi there may i know the specs of lomo heart and water proof cam and its inclusions for the purchase πŸ˜€


  18. Hey, how does the waterproof camera works? Uh as in like, is it a flim or..?

  19. Hello, I’m interested in the iKimono Ladybug, is there still any instock? And can the jelly lens be attached to it?

  20. Hi , interested in the ikimono . can u mail me all the details ?
    I would like to know where can i get the film in sg and how much will it be , how do i develop the photos …
    and all the necessary details ! THanks !!!!

    Mail me !!
    -edited to protect buyer-

  21. Do u have the price and list of Diana F+/ F+ mini?



  22. i am interested in Lomo Hearts Camera, is 35mm film the normal film for camera?? is it you have to get it developed??? do you do meetup at buonavisa?

  23. Hi,

    I would like to ask

    Is it available immediately? Can it take macro shots clearly??

    2) Ikimono-Ladybug
    Is this available ( the ladybug one)?? What kind of shots can it take? is it lomo or?? Can it take macro?

    Sorry:) i’m new to this:p

    Thank You:)


  24. hi there, i’m interested in lomo hearts and ikimono ladybug. would really appreciate if you could kindly email me with more details (what kind of film, where to buy, picture quality etc) thank you!

  25. Hi is the holga 120 GCFN white/red still available??
    can i just get the camera and not the adapter??
    Do contact me at -edited to protect buyer- πŸ˜€
    Need it urgently.

  26. Hi is 110film still available?

    Do email me thanks!

  27. Hello,
    when do you have the stocks for
    holga 120 GTLR?
    thanks! πŸ™‚

  28. Hi,

    Is the Red-white 120 GCFN + 35mm normal adapter still available and is it negotiable?

  29. hi,

    i have left a comment that i am interested with the camera and the release. please advice.

  30. Is your holga camera lens made of glass lens or plastic lens? πŸ™‚

  31. Hi,

    Wat’s the spec of Lomo Hearts Camera?

  32. Hi, do you sell the holga mini flash seperately?

  33. hi golden half with flash still available?

  34. 2. Red-white 120 GCFN + 35mm normal adapter

    Hi, will this have the overlay effect as well?
    And does it have flash?

    6. Holga 135BCTLR Black (Twin Lens Reflex) with flash!
    Can the extra thing and flash be detacher?


  35. hi dear! im interested in your diana mini hellokitty. do you still have it? mail me @ -edited to protect buyer-

  36. Hi,

    I’m interested in the iKinomo, please send me an email.


  37. Hi, i’d like to buy the iKimono Ladybug. is is still in stock?

  38. 7. Diana Mini Hello Kitty

    Hello! Meetups at Aljunied/Town tomorrow?
    Cash on Delivery will be great!

  39. hi, is the diana mini hello kitty still available? interested!

  40. hi may i know if you still have stocks for 110mm films, and what brand are they and which country of origin are they from?

  41. Hi, you still selling the Holga 135BCTLR Black (Twin Lens Reflex) with flash? Do email me back :>

  42. Hi! I’d like to buy the holga135bctlr! Can I do it installments over two months? Meaning I will pay half in sept and half in oct πŸ˜‰ email me!

  43. Hi,

    Was wondering if you could bring in the Holga instant back for me? the Holgaroid? i just need the back. I’ve a 120GTLR cam.

    Please please. i’ve been trying to find it for weeks.

    What say you?


  44. Hi i’m interested in getting a Hello Kitty Lomo camera.. Do you have anymore in stock?
    Thank you!

  45. Hello,

    Is holga K200NM available as an instock? I would like to get the camera before 25th September as I will be going overseas.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  46. Hi, I am looking at Hogla 135 BCTLR with matching flash. Please advise how to order and how to go about it.

  47. hi, may i ask if the lomo hearts is still available? also what is the difference between the hearts and stars? thanks! sorry to trouble, i’m new to lomography!
    thanks so much.

  48. how can i make payment if i’m here n the philippines?

  49. Hi! I’m interested in your Vistaquest VQ1015 R2. Do you still have it instock? Do mail me.

  50. Hello! I’m interested in Holga 135BCTLR Black (Twin Lens Reflex) with flash, could you please e-mail me, I have a lot of queries! Thank you =)

  51. hi! how many 110 films do you have instock? is there a bulk purchase discount? please mail me for the reply! thank you!

  52. Hello, I’m interested in buying the Red-white 120 GCFN + 35mm normal adapter. Is it still available?

  53. Hi, I’m interested in the iKimono Ladybug and 2 rolls of 110film, please get back to me if their available, thanks (:

  54. Is the ikimono ladybug still instock?
    & it only uses 110mm film or can 35mm film be used?

  55. hi, interested in the Holga K200NM BLACK. mail me πŸ˜‰

  56. DO you still have the ikimono lady bug?

    Can i see the actual size and everything? Plus do you still have the golden half hello kitty edition? >.<

    I'm currently looking for this 2 items!


  57. Do you still have 110mm film? Thank you!

  58. Wondering if the Lomo Hearts Camera still in stock? Thanks.. email me!

  59. Hi,
    I am interested in No 3 Wonder Drink – Coffee Camera! (Right most) and No 8 iKimono Ladybug.

    Is No. 8 using 110 film? same as Holga mini??

    Email me. Thanks!

  60. Hi,

    I’m enquiring about the instock holga black 135bc :
    – does it use the 35mm film?
    – is there any instructions manual given cos it’s given to a first time user of it.

    Do get back to me soon! Thanks!

  61. i would like to get the diana mini hello kitty without flash.
    Name: Natasha K
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: diana mini hello kitty w/o flash
    Postage: Registered Mail
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $145+$6.75

  62. hi! im really keen on buying the hello kitty diana! do drop me an email please! thanks πŸ˜€

  63. OMG OMG OMG!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i’m lovin’ it

  64. I would love the hello kitty camera, is it 35mm Camera with full manual exposure control? Please let me know asap! I need it for my class and would need it by next Thursday! Thank you!

  65. Hi! Is the white holga TIM still available, and is the price negotibale? Thanks! πŸ˜€

  66. any sample for the wonder drink cam?

  67. Hey, isit possible to get the 110mm film via registered mail? πŸ™‚

  68. Hi may i know if you still sell lomo diana mini? As i have tried to search many website but couldnt get it..Thank you.

  69. hi! are there still instocks for 35mm film? (: thanks!

  70. hey there i was wondering, are you selling the ikomono camera with film? like a set..

    by the way, do you mind you helping me out.. do you have any idea where else i can get the other designs of ikomono camera, as well as a yashica ez-f521 camera?

  71. Hi, may i know of the Holga 135BC is still in stock and if the price listed ($70) is accurate? Also, do you have stock for the 15B flash and widelens for the same model?


  72. hello!
    may i know what can the Red-white 120 GCFN do? like, what special effects it has or something πŸ™‚

  73. instead of a 2nd hand Golden Half original-white, do you have 1st hand one (never use before at all)?

  74. Hi, if I want to order the 120 film, how long will it take to reach me and is there any extra postage charge?

  75. Hi, I would like to know that ‘Hello Kitty diana mini’ still available?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  76. hi there! is golden half green trees still available??:)

  77. hi! would like to know if you have anymore harinezumis for sale?

  78. Hi.. I would like to know if u still sell 120mm films.. preferably in colour..

  79. Hi
    Do you still have stock for White Holga 135BC + 15B flash?

  80. Hi,
    I would like to purchase Holga Black 135BC. Is there any instock available? If have, is it possible to get it by friday?

  81. Hi I’m interested in the holga 135bc 15bc flash. But I have some enquires can u email me?

  82. do u still have YASHICA F521??

  83. Hi, if i buy the film from you in bulk, would there be any discounts? Haha

  84. Hi,

    Do you still have stock for the 100mm film?? Is it expired or fresh?

  85. Hi interested in the Red-white 120 GCFN, do you still have stocks for that? o:

  86. hi. you dont have 15b colour flash anymore, do you?

  87. Hi is this camera Red K200NM still available?

  88. Hi! Are you still selling the Holga 135BC or the golden half?

  89. Emailed you! I’m ordering 6 films of 35mm films, do email me! πŸ™‚

  90. hi, is the holga black 135 bc still available?

  91. Hi,
    are there anymore cameras in stock? I am keen on a Diana F+ or a Holga 120BC Red & White.

  92. Do you still have the GCFN? Thanks.

  93. flesheatingvirus

    Hi! Anymore new 135BCTLR? Am really keen!

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