Updates, Instocks & Promotions!


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Blackbird Fly
Holga 135 TIM! (Half Frame)
Holga 135 Black Corner


$75 – Camo, Grey, Green
$78 – Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Blue, Silver-Black, Multi (Yellow top renamed Red lens), Multi (Pink top – available in alternate colours, i.e. pink on top, blue on top or yellow on top)
$80 – Red-white, Gold

Nico Digi$95 $92
VQ1015R2$92 $91

Holga 135BC (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple, White, Red) – $77 $74
(Red-White) – $80 $77

Golden Half$85 $83

NEW!:Holga 120Pan

[click here to find out more!]

NEW ACCESSORY!:Holga Self-Portrait Mirror

NEW COLOUR!:Holga 135BC Limited Edition: Multi



[For instocks, click here] Updated 14/5/12! ————————————– ADVERTISEMENT BOARD LINK ON SIDEBAR >>>


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