Credits to: CGMOYER.blogspot.com
The Holga factory continues to keep churning out plastic goodies and this one is super. Super wide that is! The Holga 120 pan camera boasts an incredible almost 180° view. Following along the lines of their 120 WPC pinhole camera, this model adds a shutter and lens assembly to the mix. The camera features a pretty decent viewfinder, dual hot shoes, and a tripod mount. It has your typical Holga zone focusing and usual cloudy/sunny aperture switch. A nice touch is a spirit (bubble) level that allows you to make sure your camera is level when using a tripod. The camera back suggests ISO 400 speed film for best effects but the manual does say 100 speed is OK with sunny days.

Uses: 120 film
(You can buy the 35mm adapter from me at $24, only with purchase of the 120PAN here!)
Price: $112
Specs: Here


135tlr flash (goes with this camera): $21 with purchase of camera, $23 without

Order format:

Email Address: (Please make sure address is correct).
Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
Address: (Include name of recipient.)
Total price:

Enquiries + Orders, post comment here.
Shipping takes about 5-7days.


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