Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker) HALF FRAME CAMERA!

Uses 35mm Film
Status: Available


Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker)
Prices: All colours (Pink, White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Red-white): $76
With flash: $104 $95! (Red-white comes with Red flash)
Package include: 1 Camera . 1 strap . User Manual

Note: As all items, colours may not be exact to what you see on screen.

Sample images:


Holga 15B Colour Flash
Price: Black, Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue – $30
Specs: Click here

Holga Mini Flash
Price: Black – $27
Specs: Click here

Order format:

Email Address: (Please make sure address is correct).
Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
Address: (Include name of recipient.)
Total price:

Enquiries + Orders, post comment here.

Shipping takes about 5-7 days.


19 responses to “Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker) HALF FRAME CAMERA!

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  2. hi is this still available?

  3. hi, how much are postage fees?

  4. Hi, i am looking for just a normal flash for Twin Image, do you have it? price?

  5. hi, i would like to ask what is the diff between Holga Mini Flash & Holga 15B Colour Flash?

    are both compatiable to Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker)?

    cause i understand that Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker)Red-white comes with Red flash only right?, thus it does not include other flash colours right?

  6. Name: Jasmine
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: Holga Mini Flash, black, 2
    Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $54 + $4.25 = $58.25

    When I need to do payment and roughly when can I get it earliest? cause quite urgent. sorry for the trouble and thank you.~

  7. hello. I sent you an email regarding my order for a yellow holga 135tim with flash 🙂

  8. Hey!

    I’m really interested in this camera. But I would like to check the manual before hand. Is it possible?


  9. hi,
    is it still available with red holga 135tim? i’m so interest with this one. it looks so cute 😀

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