Uses 120 / 35mm Film***
Status: Available



Holga 120GCFN
$70 – Black
$77 – Camo, White, Pink, Silver-black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Red
$80 – Blue, Multi (Yellow top), Multi (Pink top)
$82 – Red-white, Gold, Silver
$75 – Camo, Grey, Green
$78 – Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Blue, Silver-Black, Multi (Yellow topΒ renamed Red lens), Multi (Pink top – available in alternate colours, i.e. pink on top, blue on top or yellow on top)
$80 – Red-white, Gold

Specs: Click here


NEW ACCESSORY! Self-portrait Mirror!

Price: $22 (with purchase of Holga – without: $23)

[compatible with 120CFN & 135BC]
Wide Angle Lens: $26
Telephoto Lens: $26

[compatible with 120CFN & 135BC]
Fish-eye Lens: $45 ($43 with ANY purchase of Holga cameras)
Holga 120 does not have viewfinder slot!

Shutter Release (acts like a “remote”): $35 ($32 with purchase of any 120 Holga camera)

Order format:

Email Address: (Please make sure address is correct).
Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
Address: (Include name of recipient.)
Total price:

Enquiries + Orders, post comment here.
Shipping takes about 5-7 days.

*** NOTE!!! This camera uses 120 film, which is pretty expensive and hard to find in Singapore. The “normal” film we use is 35mm film (135). You will need adaptors to use 35mm film in this 120 camera.

135 (35mm) & 120 film.

35mm film in Holga 120CFN.

Normal: $23 ($21 with purchase of ANY Holga 120 Cameras)
Pano: $23 ($22 with purchase of ANY Holga 120 Cameras)


108 responses to “HOLGA 120GCFN PREORDER!!!

  1. hey! I’ve received my holga! and it’s really pretty.thanks!:D

  2. Hey may I know when will this spree close?

  3. hey, i’m interested in buying one of your 120gcfn holgas πŸ™‚ is there any special packages for it :))
    oh, how to go about payment? thanks πŸ™‚

  4. hello, i’m interested in the holga 120gcfn πŸ™‚ but how do i go about for payment and collection?

  5. oh. wait, are you selling the holga 120 gcfn or the holga cfn?

    • Hi, thanks for the inquiries.
      For the 120s there are no special packages.
      Payment strictly via ibanking, and collection either by meet-up or postage.
      What colour are you interested in getting? (I’ll double check with my supplier but pretty sure it’s GCFN.)

  6. thanks πŸ™‚ so there isn’t an instruction booklet, strap or anything? just box and camera? πŸ™‚
    oh, whats your ibanking number? I’m interested in the red one πŸ™‚

  7. sorry, i mean the black one πŸ™‚ is it light enough to be sent by normal post?

  8. hello! I would really like to get the black holga 120gcfn πŸ™‚
    well, i think i really do require your posb/dbs account number in order for me to transfer the money πŸ™‚

    just wondering, does your holga come with the instruction manual, and shoulder strap or frames? πŸ™‚

    Name: Anthea Lee
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: Holga 120GCFN BLACK, 1
    Postage: Normal (+$2)
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $66.00

    :)) thanks.

    • Hi.
      The camera comes with all 3. Frames include 4×4, and 4×6 ones.

      • HI, what is the purpose of the frames? is it really expensive to process the 120 film, or will you run into any trouble with an adaptor? in other words, for a beginner is it still recommended?

      • Hi, frames (adapters) are to allow you to take photos with 35mm film on the 120 camera, and you can get 24 shots instead.
        That’s the main function of the normal adapter.
        For pano adapter, there is the sprocket effect on the camera.
        The processing is available at the usual “famous” photo developing places in Singapore, you can also get the film there.
        I don’t really know how much is the processing, but the film is typically around $8 for 12-16shots.

        Depends on what kind of a beginner, because when removing film you’ll need to do it in a dark room or a changing bag.
        To be safe I would suggest the 135BC camera instead.

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  10. Hi I’m interested to get a Red 1..
    just wondering wad’s the difference between normal and pano adaptors?
    and to use 35mm, i must buy the adaptor rite?

  11. Hey blogshop owner, i’m interested in the Pink Holga 120GCFN. I need to clarify some stuff w you first πŸ™‚
    #, Is it a MUST to pay by iBanking? Cuz i dont have an account & i can only pay by cash.
    #, So, are films included? If not, how much does the films cost?
    #, Does it have a USB cable? If not, how do we transfer the pictures to the computer? πŸ˜€
    #, If i want you to deliver it by post, how much is the total?


    • Hi.
      1. You can pay by atm transfer or money order (sending money via post) but it would be at your own risks.
      2. Films are not included. Typically one roll of film cost $4-5.
      3. You can ask the film developer to develop the film and put your images in a CD in stead of washing it to print, then when you want to print the image, you can just bring your negatives and tell the person which one you would like to print (saves you more money).
      4. Delivery by post would be $2. Registered mail would be $4.25.

  12. hey what’s the difference between the 120cfn and 35bc? besides the film?

    • Hi, besides the film, 120 comes with in built 4 colour flash while 135bc doesn’t. However 15B external flash is compatible with both cameras.
      The only other thing is that if you get the panoramic / normal adapter for 120 camera, you can use 35mm film, which is the same film for 135bc.
      And if you get the pano adapter, there will be a sprocket effect on the top and bottom of the photos, something like blackbird fly effect. ^^

  13. Hi, are you selling the cfn or gcfn camera? Also, what’s included in this package?

  14. Hi, have some enquires here.

    1. Do I still need a adaptor if i use 120 film?

    2. How many shots are there if i use 120 film and if i use 35mm film?

    3. Do shops that develop photos do services like removing films in dark rooms?

    4. Do the actual developed photos similar to the sample photos or it depends on how the photos are being processed and stuffs?

    Please mail me.
    Sorry, pretty new to this.

  15. Hi,

    Since the package includes the frames(adapters) right, do we still need to buy the adapter if I want to use 35mm film?


  16. Hi, i m interested of getting the $56 Fish-eye lens with viewfinder compatible with 120CFN & 135BC.

    I can only do posb transfer and hope to receive the item by 2nd April via registered mail. Will that be possible?

    Please do contact me via email.


  17. hey do you have any supplies to sell a holga instant back?
    I’m thinking of ordering a camera but i dont have a ibanking account and a posb account.
    Is it possible to pay you during the meetup?
    Please mail back.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  18. HI

    Do I still need to pre-order a 120GCFN plus a 35mm adapter?

    Please email me the details and any promotion u are having. Thanks.

  19. Hi,

    Does the fisheye viewfinder for 120 comes with a mounting bracket?

    • Hi, no it doesn’t.

      • Does the fisheye lens or viewfinder need a mounting bracket to attached to 120 GCFN? cuz i saw in a website they sell the viewfinder with a mounting bracket. So just wondering if there’s any difference from yours here. Can you please reply to my email


  20. Hi,

    How long do you need to take get the stocks ready? If I opt for meet up, would I be able to get the camera by Wed (21st April)?

  21. Hey , I am interested to get the Holga 120 GCFN in Pink and the normal adaptors

  22. Hi, I’m interested in the Purple Holga 120 GCFN + the pano adaptor. please email me about it. TIA! πŸ™‚

  23. Hi,
    This is my order form, I’ll be doing a POSB transfer and I need the POSB account no. that I should be doing the transfer to.
    Please Reply me soon so I can do the transfer before you go away. Thank you!

    Name: Michelle

    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-

    Order: 1 Holga 120GCFN – Multi (Yellow Top)
    1 Normal Adaptor

    Farrer Park Meet-Up

    Total price: $101

  24. Hi, I’m interested in getting the Multi (Pink Top) Holga 120 GCFN and the normal adaptor. πŸ˜€

  25. Name: Fion Leong
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: Holga 120GCFN Multi (Pink Top) + Normal Adaptor
    Postage: Registered Mail
    -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: 101 + 4.25 = 105.25

  26. Hello, may i know what’s included if i order the 120gcfn? Thank you (:

  27. okay, thanks. do you sell 120films too?

  28. Hey, i’ve sent you the mail regarding the purchase of the holga. need it urgently as a present, please do reply asap. Thanks lot:D
    The cameras are reaaaally nice

  29. Hello,
    – issit alright if i send the films for developing in normal developing shops?

    – is there anything i need to take note of when i send to develop the photos?

    im new to this. hope you can reply.
    thanks! (:

  30. Hi πŸ™‚
    Im really interested in buying the Holga 120GCFN (Purple) & both the 35mm adaptors and wide angle lens.

    I was wondering if its possible to pay in person at the actual meetups because Im not able to pay in any of the listed ways…

    Please let me know asap! Thankyou so much!
    (if you could reply via my email that would be really good, thanks)

  31. Hey is the gcfn recommended for beginners? And also are there any special steps/precautions to take in using the 35 mm film adapter?

    • Hi, would suggest the 135BC for beginners due to price of film and loading of film. Precautions would be to remove and load the 35mm film in total darkness.

  32. Name: Michelle
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: HOLGA 120GCFN (Red-White), Normal and Pano adapters
    Qty: 1
    Total price: 82+21+22 = S$125

    please email me for payment details. thanks.

  33. May I know the payment method? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  34. hey babe, which adaptor do i get if i want to use 35 mm film in holga 120?
    do mail me!

  35. hi interested in Pano adaptor.
    it’s suitable for holga gcfn120 right?


  37. hi, does the price includes shipping?

  38. hi, do you have instocks for the yellow holga 120GCFN + 1 35mm adaptor? please email me asap, interested to buy them for a birthday present thank you.

  39. Hey, do you know how to load the 35mm film on 120GCFN?

  40. hello! how much is the adapter which allows holga to use 35mm film?
    can that adapter be used for holga 120 GCFN?
    how much is one of that 120 film?
    does it comes in cheaper price if buy more?
    when using the adapter that allows 35mm film, does the camera still takes 16 max pics or take more?

    • another qn. is i buy and use the pano adapter, the film still same right? or another type of film.

    • Hi. There are 2 types of adapters: the normal and the pano. Prices are stated at the bottom of the post.
      It is cheaper with purchase of the GCFN. 120 film depends, can be anything from $5-$10.
      We currently don’t sell 120 film, but on wednesday we’ll start sourcing so if you like you can request it on our request page.
      You can take 24 pictures for the pano adapter. Normal adapter either 24/36. I’m not too sure.

  41. Wish to order: HOLGA 120GCFN
    Colour: Green

    How do i go about it?

  42. what is the difference between normal and pano adaptor?

  43. Name: Brian
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: HOLGA 120GCFN, (Multi)Yellow Top, 1
    Normal Adapter , 1
    Postage: Registered Mail
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $101 +$4.25

  44. Name: CherLin
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: 1 Holga 120GCFN (multi) Yellow top, 1 Normal adaptor
    Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Singapore 468006
    Total price: $105.25

  45. hello! interested in getting a multi-colour (yellow top) with a normal 35mm adapter.

  46. sorry, please ignore the previous comment.

    Name: kylle
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
    120GCFN, multi-colour (yellow top), normal 35mm adapter, shutter release
    Postage: meet up
    -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $133

    any discount if i gna add on another fish eye lens with viewfinder?

  47. hello,

    am interested in the black 120 GCFN + 35mm normal adapter. would like to find out when it would arrive.. thanks.

  48. Hi! i got my holga already! It’s really pretty πŸ˜€ Thanks alot!

  49. Hello, i’m interested in Holga 120 GCFN for Multi (Yellow top). Do you still do pre-orders for it??

  50. Hi,

    May I know if it is necessary to buy the adapters? Are you all giving us the adpaters when we buy?

  51. Hello there. I have ZERO experience in holga cameras and I’m interested to get one. I’m considering the 120 GCFN at the moment. I believe that the default is using 120mm film, so I have to purchase a 35mm adapter in order to use 35mm film right?

  52. hello (:

    Name: Mandy Chng
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $77 + $80 + $23 + $54.50 + $4.25

  53. Name: aggie
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Multi (Yellow top) x2
    Normal adaptor x1
    Pano adapter x1

    Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $80+80+21+22+4.25= $207.25

  54. Hi any instocks aviailable? pls mail me -edited to protect buyer-

  55. Hi, am interested to get a pink holga 120 GCFN! Pls mail me for more details! Thank you πŸ™‚

  56. Name: Nur Raihanah
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: Pano adaptor + Fish-eye lens with viewfinder.
    Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
    Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $23+$56+$4.25=$83.25

  57. Hi, is it alright if my boyfriend pays for the Holga 120GCFN while I pay for the panorama adaptor? πŸ˜€ Can I still get the special price, since we’re buying them together? We’re just paying separately. It’s my birthday gift. (:


  58. If I were to place an order now, about how long then I would recieve my item?
    I am intending to buy 120GCFN(black), wided angle lens, normal &pano adaptors.

  59. Hi . I am interested in the 120GCFN holga . is the preorder still open?

  60. Hi is your 120gcfn yellow top in stock?

  61. Hi there. Do you sell the Silver-Black one? ((: Or you only sell just the basic silver? Coz I’ve wanting to buy it since forever ago.

  62. hi what does it mean by the 120 has no viewfinder slot – how are pictures taken then? also, do you have instocks? am thinking of getting the 120GCFN..

  63. hi do you have the 120 cfn?

  64. Hey there,
    just to check if the 35mm film adaptor can be attached and removed easily? Cause I can’t quite see it in the picture.
    Thankyou (:

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