HOLGA 110 Spy Camera


Uses 110 Film

Holga 110 SpyCam (8.2 X 3.2 X 3.4 CM!!!!!!)
Colours: Black, Yellow, White, Red, Grey, Pink, Green, Purple, Blue
Prices: $22 (All colours)
Sample Images: Click here!

Order format:

Email Address: (Please make sure address is correct).
Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
Postage: Normal (+$2 AT YOUR OWN RISK!) / Registered Mail (+$4.25)
Address: (Include name of recipient.)
Total price:

Enquiries + Orders, post comment here.
Shipping takes about 5-7days.


43 responses to “HOLGA 110 Spy Camera

  1. hihi do u have the film for this camera ? (: pls email me thanks!

  2. hi can i know the price for the flim and whether u sell them/ if i can get them anywhere else after i finished it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hey im interested in the cameras!can i do meet ups?mail me!

  4. Hi, I’m interested in the Holga 110 SpyCam (: Please mail me!

  5. Hi,
    Are the pictures taken with the holga spycam in colour?
    Oh and are there places to develop the films?

    Thanks! (:

  6. Heyys! REALLY interrested in the camera. Does it use normal films that can be sold in normal printing shops? can we upload pics online or send to phone or computer? Are you willing to seel the films? Yea. Mail me PLEASE! I BADLY LOVE that camera.

  7. Anyway, can we view the pictures in the camera?

  8. Hello.

    I’m interested in both the spy camera and ikimono.
    About the film,
    1) Do both the camera use the same film ?
    2) About how much does the film cost ?
    3) Is it possible to transfer the picture to the computer instead of printing them?
    4) Will you still get stocks for ikimono even if it doesn’t reach the cap of 3 ?

    Email me back ! Thanks.

  9. Hi can i get 110 films from normal printing shops? and do they help to print 110 films nowadays? since 35mm films are the common ones. pls email me soon as i am interested. thank you!

  10. hello.
    intersted in this cam.
    may i knw if it can be transfer to com instead of printing it?
    and, how does the final picture look like? thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hey, Im interested to buy the Pink HOLGA 110 Spy Camera, and 2 rolls of film for that. Could you kindly email me the details for mode of payment? and total cost + registered mail. Thanks!

  12. I would like to order a PINK HOLGA 110 Spy Camera + 2 rolls of 110 film + reg mail. I’ll atm transfer, can you email me the account number?

  13. hi,

    can you email me the prices for 110mm film? i am looking at buying at least 10 rolls or more. please provide more details on how to go about for the spree as i am pretty new to sprees. thank you.


  14. HI! Just wanna ask if this camera is still avaliable for pre-order? thks!

  15. Hi, are you still selling the 110 film??How much will you be selling?

  16. hi there, do u still have 110 film in stock now? i am looking to buy around 10. do drop me an email, interested in some other lomo cam too. thanks!

  17. hi.. just wondering if u are still selling this spy camera..if do how many available stocks do u have, or do u have to order from ur supplier?

  18. Hello,
    do you still have the 110 film? if so, can i get it from you? (:

  19. Do you still have 110mm film in stocks? would like to purchase them. Thanks!

  20. Hi there,
    do you have the 110mm film in stock? Can I know the price and how i can order them?

  21. hi! ๐Ÿ™‚ can i preorder one purple holga spy camera and 2 sets of the 110 mm film please!

  22. Hi im interested in the micro holga (blue). Do you do meet ups?

  23. how much its your 110 film >?

  24. if i get one roll , can i get it by wednesday ?
    do sms me at 82880130
    urgent thanks

  25. Hello! Am I able to place an order for the Holga Mini? ๐Ÿ™‚


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