SuperHeadz spree! iKimono, Silm, iKimono with Flash!


Designs available: Porcupine / Ladybug
Uses 110film.
Specs: Click here
Sample images: Click here

Colours available: Pink, Blue, Gold, White, Black
Uses 35mm film.
Sample images: Click here

iKimono Flash Camera
Designs available: Porcupine / Cat
Uses 110film.
Sample images: (similar to ikimono but has flash)

Any camera here; Capping at: 3 [Please check first post for updates on cappings]
Status: Available
iKimono: $28.50, Silm: $52, iKimono Flash Camera: $50

[to request for spree, please comment here or email me! will open once payment is made.]

Order format:

Email Address: (Please make sure address is correct).
Order: (Include: Item name, design, quantity)
Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
Address: (Include name of recipient.)
Total price:

Enquiries + Orders, post comment here.
Shipping takes about 10 days.


45 responses to “SuperHeadz spree! iKimono, Silm, iKimono with Flash!

  1. interested in ur ikimono camera. wonder when will this spree ends??? or u process by orders? meaning if i order i can get it in bout 10 days time

  2. hi, regarding your ikimono, is the films common to get in normal shops? and when will the spree close. thanks.

    • Hi, film can get from places such as Triple D in Burlington Square (Next to Simlim). Spree will close when there are enough orders. Currently have some stocks. If you are interested, please email me. Thanks.

  3. hey,i’m interested in the iKimono Camera. do you have other designs for it?

  4. Hey, i’m more interested in the iKimono. Same questions apply to the Holga 120GCFN. Very sorry to disturb you.

  5. Hello, may I know what is the payment method for meet ups? Thanks

    • Hi, do you mean for meet-up fee or payment for item?

      Payment for item must be done strictly before item is ordered. Ibanking or concealed cash (at your own risk).
      Meet-up fee to be paid to deliverer.

  6. Hello! I am interested in your iKimono (Porcupine design). Can you mail me the details on payment and orders? Cos I don’t can’t find much details on it.

    Also, do you accept fund transfer? Cos I don’t have an iBanking account.

    Thank you! 🙂

  7. Hi! I am interested in placing an order! May I know if you are still taking in orders? thanks:D

  8. hi, do you still have stocks for the ikimono camera? if so, what design do you have? if not, are you planning to get any stock? thankyou. :}

  9. Hi, i wonder if you are still taking orders for this camera? do you have the design with the bee?


  10. hi i’m interested in getting the iKimono, do you have stocks currently? also, are other designs like bee/cat/lion available? do you sell 110 film along with it, and are meetups possible?

    thank you!

  11. Hi! Do you still have the ladybug one left?


    • Hi, currently have one shipping to Singapore. If you are interested, please fill in the order form. However cause capping was quite low, this time round the camera cost $28.50 per.

  12. Samantha Juliet

    Hi, may i know the iKimono Camera does it comes with the film? What designs do u have? And how much will it be with normal postage fee etc? Cos I would want one. Do reply to my email thnx..

  13. hi, can i know the capping for this camera?

  14. Hello do you still have any iKimono instocks?

  15. Will you sell it to me as instock? Or do I have to join the spree? Coz I need to get one asap! Thx 🙂

  16. Interested in your iKimono cam. (: Mail me soon. Thanks.

  17. hi! I am interested in buying the 110 film! do you still have any in stock?

  18. Hi, interested in the iKimono cam. Do you have stocks currently? And meetups available? How do I pay if it’s through meetup? Mail me soon, thanks (:

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  20. interested in iKimono. mail me asap (:

  21. HI there,

    i’m interested in the ikimono. When’s the fastest date i could get it? need it as a present ASAP =D
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  22. Hi! Is the preorder for the ikimono flash still going on?

  23. Hi, I’m interested in buying an ikimono flash (the white hedgehog preferred). Could you tell me what the total would be with shipping to the U.S. included? Thanks!

  24. Excuse me, are any of these cameras still in stock? I hope for you to answer soon! 🙂

  25. hey, im interested in your ikimono. still have it? ;O

  26. hi. i’m interested in your Ikimono 110 (no flash). do you have any instocks? or are you going to open another pre-order any time soon?

  27. Li Ying Issocoollike

    Name: Ng Li Ying
    Email Address: -edited to protect buyer-
    Order: Holga 120 GCFN purple x 1
    Postage: Registered Mail (+$4.25)
    Address: Ng Li Ying
    -edited to protect buyer-
    Total price: $77 + $4.25 = $81.25

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